Communication & consulting
It is well known that companies cannot do without a digital presence. However, with fierce competition and new algorithms the reach of organic publications is less and very expensive, even if your content is relevant. That's why you need a partner, like us, who can help you build an optimised digital marketing budget and result-oriented strategies.

From the strategic plan to the complete management of your social networks, our work will be tailor-made according to your expectations and needs.
The fashion industry is constantly evolving and we make sure we are up to date on current trends to help you. With professional experiences that have immersed us in the fashion industry, we know every step of the way, from the design of a product to its merchandising, we want to make your consumers satisfied.

HALIMA - With more than 5 years of experience in the fashion industry, Halima created her own company at the age of 20 and opened her first workshop in collaboration with a renowned dressmaker in the Moroccan handicraft industry at the age of 22. She began working as a branding consultant and buyer for various shops, and today she manages the production of seven clothing brands, in addition to managing two different teams, including design, communication and merchandising strategies. It is through her experience that she will help you turn your ideas into reality and reach your financial goals by sharing her knowledge of ethical and sustainable trade.

AMELIE - Amélie for her part has spent several years in the fashion industry. She has worked as a stylist and image consultant with a diverse clientele. She works closely with brands involved in the resale of luxury goods and product consignment. She has also worked as a model and personal trainer in the field of physical health. She wants to have a positive impact on society and encourage businesses and consumers to take a radical turn towards fairer, more equitable, inclusive and ecological values.
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