Dare to start and create your brand

A little girl’s dream. Creating clothes, having my own shop, choosing shapes, fabrics, designs, that’s what I’ve almost always dreamed of. But this dream remained dormant for years. Fear? Lack of self-confidence? Money? Maybe a little bit of everything in the end. And then one day, like a revelation, this dream comes to us and now? Now, it is the incredible accumulation of questions! Am I going to make it? How do I do it? Where do I start? Who do I start with? Do I invest? So many questions that I will try to answer in the following lines. 

Will I make it ?

This is the question that came to me first and that has always been present. I think I clearly didn’t have the confidence before I started. The fear of failure is present in all of us but we all approach it in different ways. Indeed, launching a clothing brand means taking the risk that it won’t work. But in the end, isn’t it important to live without regret? That’s what I’ve told myself over and over again, many times. If it doesn’t work, I’ll have gone to the end of my desires, and have no regrets, and if it does work, then I’ll have won everything!

How do I do it ? 

It becomes complicated ! You want to do everything at the same time and you end up doing nothing and getting lost. So how do I do it? I’ve calmed down and I’ve made a “what do I start with” list to target and manage my schedule. 

Where do I start ? 

Creating your brand requires a lot of little things at the beginning. So I’m going to share my list with you:

  • Brand name 
  • The values I want to highlight  
  • Logo
  • Make moodboards (colours, style, inspirations)
  • Administrative procedures (be patient)
  • Website
  • Communication
  • Presentation 
  • Production 
  • Patterns
  • Sketches 
  • Costs
  • Fabrics
  • Designs
  • Accounting

This was my basic list and you’ll see a lot of little dots will be added to it. 

With who ? 

This is where things can get complicated. Depending on your desires and convictions you will have more or less difficulties to find. I thought I would make my way with this person, this factory, this supplier, and in the end I didn’t work with any of them. Not that I didn’t appreciate their work, but rather that other proposals came to me.

This is where I will talk about my adventure with the Green Fashion Agency. I had the incredible chance to meet its founder Halima Fanedoul and very quickly became part of the team. Everything was much easier for me and I am well aware of how lucky I am to have been accompanied by people already in the business.

So I would advise you to be patient and to think about everything and not to go ahead with your eyes closed. If you want to release your Spring-Summer collection but it is too short or could lead to bad decisions, then it doesn’t matter, you will do Autumn-Winter or the Spring-Summer of the following year. It’s all about being fully satisfied with you, your choices and your creations. 

Do I invest ? 

This is a slightly more complicated question, and for some, taboo. It is obvious that you will need a little money set aside for all the essential steps but with little and organization, we can go very far. Don’t hesitate to ask for advice from your relatives, professionals or from agencies that can help you and guide you through the tariffs and others such as the Green Fashion Agency. 

And then ? 

Afterwards, you will have to take time, prepare yourself to have work, to go through all the states, the stress, the joy, the speed but you will see that once launched into the crazy race, it is difficult to stop and do without it! 

My adventure is still going on and I will come back later to inform you of its progress. In the meantime, believe in yourself and your dreams.

Marie, founder of Ancrage