From the opening of my shop to the creation of my own collection

Usually, you design your collection, you follow the seasons, the success of the pieces that are popular, you learn about pieces that don’t work as well, and then from year to year we end up with this beautiful objective : Open your own shop ! It seems rather logical, doesn’t it ? 

Well for Ina, it’s the opposite ! I am Céline, manager of a lovely concept store since 2017, with multi-brand women’s ready-to-wear collections at the heart of the shop. Brands that I see slowly evolving towards more eco-responsible packaging and recycled fibers. And it is also my customers who are becoming sensitive to these values. I have learned to catch the eye of these women, the reflection they have on themselves, the particular attention paid to their style, their morphology and their sensitivity to fibers. 

So, the question comes up : what if I also made a place for myself in their wardrobes ? And that’s when the little Céline, who is passionate about fashion design, resurfaces, launches her tablet and designs the first Ina collection. Smooth lines, sportswear styles to have just enough comfort while being feminine. The feminine 2.0. that is to say : just be yourself, stylish as you like and above all comfy ! 

And then, we end this article with the most important one : the fairy godmother who worked on this project, Halima, founder of the Green Fashion Agency. Because it was central to propose a fair brand, committed to slow and sustainable fashion. Our meeting sealed the creation of Ina, and allowed me to make my first collection for spring 2021 while respecting my eco-responsability charter with recylced fabrics.

Ready to discover the Ina wardrobe ?