Green Fashion Agency

The Green Fashion Agency : what is it ?

The Green Fashion Agency is an agency that supports fashion companies in the most eco-responsible way possible. 

Our services are diversified, from strategic support (marketing, branding, communication) to production in our workshop in the region of Agadir in Morocco, including a transition plan to eco-responsible production and the organisation and management of events and shootings.

Our services are addressed to several types of public :

  1. You may already have your own brand and you wish to be accompanied to move to a global production and positioning: eco-responsible.
  2. You already have a shop and want to offer your customers eco-responsible brands. We offer you a list of the brands we represent. You have dozens of brands in the same place.
  3. You want to create your brand, the agency will accompany you from A to Z in your approach: design, web development, branding, production, suppliers, eco-responsible strategy, marketing, communication.

As you will have understood, each client will find what he or she is looking for, because the support is designed to be tailor-made and to meet the unique needs of each entrepreneur.

The Green Fashion Agency today 

Today the GFA has 7 brands that are very committed to the project. Indeed, the fact of grouping together several brands makes it possible to pool the means and strengths of each one. You can find the different experiences and testimonials: HERE.

The agency has its own workshops in Morocco. A clothing workshop on a human scale, which works in compliance with working conditions and social and environmental rules. All items are hand-made, piece by piece. The different suppliers of the GFA are real eco-responsible partners. In fact, all the materials used are either recycled fabrics or scrap rolls recovered from big houses. The same goes for leather and suede! The brands do not create particular fabrics for their designs. They use what is already there.

So the agency will accompany you throughout the entire process of creating designs and putting them into production: pattern making, grading, prototypes, etc.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form HERE. We will answer you and exchange with you with great pleasure!  

Green is the new black.

Green is the new black.