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Launch your own brand
Do you want to create a clothing brand but not sure where to start? Perhaps you’re ready to get your designs manufactured but your lack of industry knowledge is holding you back. Manufacturing and working with fashion factories is the most frequent thing we get asked about from clients. The fashion industry is a closed world where startups can make a lot of costly mistakes if they don’t get things right.

Our team will help you through the process of launching your brand. Would you like to tell us about your project ? Make an appointment with our team !
Develop a sustainable strategy for your brand
At GFA, we advise organizations on modern and effective strategies that lead to a sustainable economy. Applying our research-backed approach with corporate law practice, we work with corporations, investors and organizations on sustainable strategies that deliver positive impact.

We combine academic insights with legal and strategic expertise in sustainable business development to provide solutions that reshape businesses. Our team accompanies you towards an ethical and sustainable transition !
Develop your own brand in addition to your shop
Are you currently in charge of a multi-brand shop but would like to create your own brand? This simple step-by-step guide can show you how to create your own personalized labels right from your desktop. We will save you hours of googling information, will save you cash by showing you the correct steps involved, and will help you learn about the correct way to find and deal with a factory to get your collection manufactured. If you are launching your fashion brand and have no idea what a factory needs from you, what the sampling process is or how to weigh up which factory to use then this is the guide for you.
Pack 1