The circular Era

Textile production represents about 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions. 35% of the micro-plastics released from washing pollute our oceans according to the IUCN Environmental Organisation. It’s a whole world affected by what we wear. 

Good news!  We are finally awake and aware, with a goal: to make our fashion stylish, sustainable, eco-responsible and circular. 

Using old, making new, safe and renewable materials, minimising scraps, using them for limited collections, etc. There’s no shortage of ideas! 

It’s a whole way of thinking, designing and consuming that we want to improve by tackling the root cause of waste; low use and almost non-existent recycling. 

How to proceed ?

First of all, during the design and manufacturing process, we take care to eliminate the substances that release microfibres, a real scourge for our oceans, by brushing the material or cutting it with a laser. 

And what about natural fibres? Of course, this is to be preferred, but not all of them. Some, like cotton, require a lot of water and would draw on a resource that is essential to our lives, not our styles. The problem goes beyond raw materials.

How we use our clothes ? 

From the workshop to the sale, we have to think about usefulness. Products must become durable, quality pieces, to free themselves from their increasingly disposable nature. 

Sustainability is becoming attractive thanks to young companies who think that Mrs. Fashion and Mr. Green are inseparable and are brainstorming to set up a new culture of sewing, such as by creating rental systems.

Yes, you’ve read correctly, the rental is on the up and up! Whether it’s for children who are growing up and whose wardrobe is constantly changing, outfits for special occasions and those who like to change their look at will. Renting and creating subscriptions is a great solution. It’s a whole marketing and logistical service that needs to be rethought, but everything is possible! 

Slow fashion vs Fast fashion

One of our biggest fights, slow fashion vs fast fashion. At Green Fashion Agency we help entrepreneurs to focus on quality purchases, to create collections that we will be able to wear for a long time, both in the choice of raw materials and in the design of models that will always be fashionable in the years to come. Listening to the demand in order to create collections that correspond to our customers, ensuring repairs, collection for a new use. There are so many possibilities to move towards green and stylish fashion.

For our favourite jeans that are already too patched up, our fetish dress that can no longer keep up with the times, we aim to take them into account from the design stage and during the manufacturing process, recycling them to close the loop in the most ecological way possible.

Using and reusing what we already have has become indispensable and we will always need a supply of virgin raw materials, where renewable raw materials and regenerative agriculture come into play to produce our resources.